Ro-um Meditation Retreat will lead to personal liberation from a fixed notion of self.  It will be a way of liberating yourself from regrets and worries.  It will help you gain stability in your power of making confident decisions. It will free yourself from bondage of holding onto things.  It will free you from fear, borders, or walls.  It will eliminate stream of thoughts that cause stress. It will produce a tranquil mind.  It will be a journey of your self-discovery. 

DATE     2019. 9. 21(Sat) ~ Program ending on 9.29(Sun) Arrive at Seoul on 10.1(Tue) 11 Days and 8 Nights

PLACE   Energy Spots selected by Ritamville
Asilomar Conference Grounds, San Francisco ~ Sedona ~ Joshua Tree ~ LA

PARTICIPANTS  From the age 5 and up. All are invited (First-come-first serviced basis) 

SPEAKER   Deepak Chopra, Chanho Park, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Mutae Sunya Seo

This retreat will be spent meditating outdoors in nature overlooking magical landscapes.  You will be stimulated by the amazing nature and be in the present moment with full awareness.  It will be a chance to connect to the nature, deepen your meditation practice, dive deeply in self care, and get healed. Through this retreat you will find your true self, the best version of yourself, and experience the limitless amount of freedom and possibilities.

Growing up as a third-culture kid, I’ve always lived with a sense of insecurity. Under a Korean heritage, I was born in Brazil, and studied with an American education moving between other diverse countries. Although I do realize there were many benefits amidst my unique circumstances, I found it harder to understand myself as I grew older. I battled to find peace with questions of my own identity for a good few years. After my second day at Ritamville, I felt a great sense of relief as I felt I had begun to find the answers that I been seeking for. Through meditation, I encountered a new sense of peace that I had never experienced before. A sense of true happiness and gratitude created from no place other than yourself. I learned how to accept myself for the person I am and found myself looking at others for who they really are.

After meditating and training at Ritamville for 4 months, it was time for me to finally head on to college. I always felt fearful when thinking of leaving my comfort place but my time at Ritamville gave me the courage to start anew. It is my 2nd month of college and my mid-terms are coming up. I feel a significant change in how I live my day to day life after my experience with meditation. I’ve learned to be able to enjoy the present moment and I am feeling another level of appreciation for the new friends that I’m getting to know. I am comfortable in my own skin, and in the oddest and sometimes also scariest of times, I feel surprisingly confident. I hope that your journey with Ritamville will free you as much and more as it has done for me. <yena, intrenational student in france, ritamville international meditation instructor>