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Ritamville now has moved to new, larger facility

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July, 2021 Ritamville makes a new leap forward
(2, Hoenamu-ro 44-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea | Across from Grand Hyatt Seoul)

Video) Ritamville Holistic Wellness, 22nd anniversary appreciation video, social activities.

Since 22 years before the movie ‘Soul’ was introduced through mass media, pop culture, we have been guiding healthy lifestyle with ‘Ritamville Holistic Health & Healing program’. Also, we were fortunate to share the value of SAC (Soul Awakening Culture) through continuous social contribution activities.

Now along with the flow of the universe, we have moved to take a leap forward as a bridge of holistic wellness that not only connects Seoul and Jeju but also Korea to the world. 🌏

Appreciation event

Experience meditation and yoga at once in Ritamville MY Session.

2F Ritamville MY Session Discount up to 30 % (~September)
1F RitamCafé helthy Beverage Discount up to 50% (~August)

It is located in the middle of the ‘Seoul Wellness Tourism Belt’, adjacent to Namsan which is the landmark of Seoul, in front of the Grand Hayatt Hotel. Also, it is nearby the beautiful Han river and Itaewon which is known as differentiated wellness infrastructure for tourists.

2, Hoenamu-ro 44-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea | Across from Grand Hyatt Seoul

2F Consultation (Yoga/Meditation/Ro-um Retreat)02.3448.9901
1F RitamCafe (Reservation/Space rental) 02.3443.7021
B1 Lifelong Education Center (in preparation) 010.4789.7021 

Lecture/Franchise/Social Contribution 010.5221.6224 🧘


First, the clean forest of Namsan spreads out like a front yard, refreshing the air and energy in the city.

Second, it is convenient to access with various ways such as by car, public transportation, KTX, by walk and etc.

Third, it is located in the middle of six famous streets such as…
Beautiful Sowol-ro with Namsan library, Yaksu-dong
~Gyeongnidan-gil with an exotic flavor
~Hoenamu-ro with abundance affluence of culture
~Grand Hayatt Seoul and Healthy Namsan trail

Fourth, the dignity of the original hexagonal building used to be dedicated space for on embassy, but now it is used as a representation of ‘Global holistic wellness’.

Fifth, there is spacious parking space. Public parking lot is also conveniently located within
3 minutes.

Sixth, exclusive terrace with beautiful nature is one of a kind.🧘

First, each three floors have individual spaces.

Second, large hexagonal windows in an open space reflect beautiful surroundings and welcomes the sun.

Third, increased indoor ceiling height maintains clear air.

Fourth, instructors and anatas are professionally guiding ‘Holistic health programs and healing contents’. These programs are focused on strengthening mental and physical immunity in dedicated space.

Fifth, every floor has the Korean floor heating system for health. Also, it is perfect place for healing since we only used eco-friendly paints and sustainable finishing materials that consider the global environment.

Sixth, 1:1 room, small group sessions and open spaces keep high quality of quarantine and hygiene. 🧘

Holistic wellness deepens the definition of health wich WHO(World Health Organization) defined. It refers overall point of view on conative
activities to pursue the best condition in terms of physical, emotional, intellectual, social,
professional, spiritual area. In other words, Ritamville holistic wellness means ideal state of
healthy life with value and balance.

Ritamville has now faced 22nd anniversary. Ritamville is the holistic wellness center where designs healthy fulfilled life through meditation, yoga, café and retreat. The center attracts locals and foreigners to Seoul and Jeju.

The slogan is ‘Awakening of the Soul’, ‘Expansion of Consciousness’, ‘Guiding toward Divinity’.
We would love to introduce the ‘Wellness culture’ through ‘Ritamville holistic wellness
program’ with healing, meditation, yoga and nature. 🧘

Appreciation event

Experience meditation and yoga at once in Ritamville MY Session.

2F Ritamville MY Session Discount up to 30 % (~September)
1F RitamCafé helthy Beverage Discount up to 50% (~August)

This is a ‘Dedicated space for my training’ where you can meet yourself through meditation and yoga.

Opening hours 6:30am~10:00pm
Weekdays and Weekend MY training sessions have been added.
Closed schedule can be changed after prior notice depending on national holidays and internal circumstances.

Advanced reservation needed. (Pre-booking system).
Call/Text/Kakaotalk available.
02.3448.9901 / 010.2105.9901 / kakaotalk account : aseline

‘Balance of mind and body’, this is the promise we kept for 22 years.
Wholesome characteristics of Ritamville, ‘Emptying of mind/body’, ‘Healing’ and ‘Awareness’ are all included in daily trainings.

Ritam Meditation

* Cradle-meditation: Whenever, wherever, easily being relaxed and emptied.

* Ritam namaskara: Effect of moving meditation and complete healing.

* Soul-meditation: Experiencing Theta wave of athlete. Feeling of infinite freedom.

* Loving-Kindness meditation: Recovering from the conflict in relationship and growing self-esteem.

* Breathing-meditation: Increasing the level of attention, observation and insight.

* Energy-meditation: Gathering distracted attentions while emptying thoughts and emotions at the same time.

Ritam Yoga

* Mind Body Detox Yoga: Absolute healing/preventive treatment. Excellent in strengthening immunity and evacuating various toxins from the urban environment.

* Pranahatha: Physiologic activation and meditation through breathing.

* Power Energy Yoga: Restoration of vitality through chakra activation.

* Soul Vinyasa: Awakening awareness along with the flow of breathing, energy and movement.

* Alignment and Balancing Yoga: Becoming aware of imbalance of involuntary habits and postures


We would love to guide you through various trainings and special lectures such as yoga, 1:1 personal training, Namsan walking meditation and others.

Our professional instructors from Ritamville guide awareness~meditation~yoga in perfect balance. 


‘RitamCafé’ is specialized space for wellness with complete relaxation. Let us introduce 6 kinds of Ritamville wellness culture with valuable information.

☏ 02.3443.7021
(RitamCafé_group customers and meditation room booking / showroom_merchandise and inquiry)

First, Flavor: fill the energy with 100% natural healthy ingredients.
(Tea/Juice/Coffee/Salad and others)

Second, View: The wide windows capture the natural beauty of Namsan and wonderful sunset. Further, the wide terrace embraces the richness of nature in the city.

Third, Relaxation: The energy and vibes only in Ritam Café calm down the stress of hectic city life.

Fourth, 5 minutes guidance of ‘Ritam Wellness’ will help emptying the endless thoughts and minds.

Fifth, Self-Awareness: special lectures/meeting with an author/talk concert will be held in ‘Sunya Zone’.

Sixth, Living: The showroom merchandises recommended wellness products. Since only eco-friendly materials are carefully selected to be used, they are absolutely harmless to human body. Moreover they will add more values as time passes.

RitamCafé Showroom

RitamCafé suggests an absolute wellness life.🧘

Lifelong Education Center holds various holistic programs that enable profound changes in life. Ro-um retreat(Travel agency), non-profit corporation(Super Soul Relay) are together as well.

☏ 010.4789.7021
(Pyeongsaeng Institution(in preparation)/ Retreat / Corporation)

Pyeongsaeng Institution

(in preparation)

Special course: MY Training for kids and others

Professional training course: Ritam-meditation(6kinds) Ritam-yoga(5kinds), Ritam-counsel (Self-awareness process)

Instructor course: Ritam-meditation (6kinds), Ritam-yoga (5kinds) (Guide to provide training based on ultimate love and truth)

Anata meditation course: Level 1~3, Level 4~5, Level 6~7

The founder, Master Sunya Mutae Suh
Guest lecture tour in United States (LA Beverly Hills Agape, two thousands audience and live with fifty thousands)

Director Rish Heekyung Lee
(above) Professional baseball team spring camp in Okinawa (mental training)
(below) The third Super Soul Relay in Jeju island (Ro-Um retreat)

Ro-um Retreat(Travel Agency)

Ro-um Retreat is a beautiful journey of truth with mental therapists with abundant experience. It helps to truly love, find and change oneself through relaxation, emptying, healing, purification,
freedom, awareness of existence. We established travel agency based on 22 years of experiences.

Deepak Chopra, Master Sunya Mutae Shu, with participants
(Conference grounds in Asilomar Sanfrancisco, United States)

Master Sunya Mutae Suh (Lecture/Instruction), Rish Heekyung Lee (Instruction), Baseball player meditator Chan Ho Park (Instructon), Baseball player Seung Yeop Lee (Participation),

While the guest lecture ‘Cradle meditation’ in United States (LA Beverly Hills Agape)
(Left) Local participant, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Master Sunya Mutae suh

Non-profit corporation ‘Super Soul Relay’ 

Growth of awareness leads to social contribution activities. Through the process of sharing, one’s selfawareness is deepened. Genuine sharing in reality is the way of enlightenment. Ritamville’s non-
profit corporation will practice true meaning of sharing from individuals to the global level through joy and awareness.

(c)Ritamville The third Super Soul Relay, 2017

(c)Ritamville The second Super Soul Relay, 2016

(c)Ritamville The first Southern sea meditation festival, 2015

Contact us

2, Hoenamu-ro 44-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea | Across from Grand Hyatt Seoul

2F Consult (Yoga/Meditation/Retreat)

1F RitamCafe (Reservation/Space rental)

B1 Pyeongsaeng Institution (in preparation)

Lecture/Franchise/Social Contribution


Hannam Bridge :  Yaksu-dong ~ Namsan Ring Road ~ Turn left from the second traffic light

Banpo Bridge :  Tunnel 3 ~ Turn right from Korean Army Finance ~ Turn right from the end of the hill

Seoul station : Sungnyemun Gate ~ Turn right from the end of Namsan Ring Road

Dongho Bridge : Turn left from Yaksu station ~ Itaewon way ~ Turn right from Sungnyemun sign ~ Turn left from the second traffic light

By Bus 🚍

No.402/ No.405/ No.3
Get off at Hayatt hotel

1. Noksapyeong station (Line6) 🚎

-Exit: No. 4
-Transfer bus: (80m by walk) Yongsan no.3, (7stops, 9min)
-Get off at Hayatt hote

2.Itaewon station (Line6)

-Exit No. 3
-Transfer bus: (94m by walk) no.405 (6stops, 12min long)
-Get off at Hayatt hotel

3. Hangangjin station (Line6)

-Exit No.2
-Transfer bus: (114m by walk) No.405 (3stops, 7min)
-Get off at Hayatt hotel

Seoul station(KTX) 🚅
Bus transfer center (platform no.5)
Transfer bus : No.40
Get off at Hayatt hotel (9stops, 16min)

Get to Sinyongsan station (473m, 8min)
Transfer bus : Yongsan no.03
Get off at Hayatt hotel (11stops, 18min)

Get to Gimpo Int’l Airport Station (4stations, 18min)

Transfer underground: Gongdeok station (3 stops, 6min)
Transfer underground: Noksapyeong station Exit No.4
Transfer bus: Yongsan03 (7stops, 9min)
Get off at Hayatt hotel

Incheon Airport
Get to Incheon Airport terminal 1(11stations, 56min)
Transfer underground: Gongdeok station (3stops, 6min)
Transfer underground: Noksapyeong station No.4
Transfer bus: Yongsan03 (7stops, 9min)
Get off at Hayatt hotel