Welcome to healing and peace, by being continuously aware of the causes and habits of uncomfortable symptoms of the body, and observing inhalation and exhalation.

  • Yoga program specialized for Detox / Healing Breath / Power-Up / Correction & Balance
  • Detox: Excellent effect of healthy diet purified every internal organs including the skin
  • Healing Breathing: clearing blood and refreshed brain by sufficiently emitting ordinary remaining carbon dioxide by guiding the action for deep long breath and breathing itself
  • Power-up: full physical and mental vitality by reinforcing the power zone of the body corresponding to the hardware and charging the energy corresponding to the software
  • Correction & Balance: the realization of variation and repeated pattern in their lives through 1: 1 “SA Body Check-up” and the guidance of correction posture and exercise prescription suitable for lifestyle of membership
  • Other Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Mat Pilates, etc.

“Design your body age younger”

It offers various courses from easy and comfortable beginner course to intensify course. The Meditation is like magic that can heal weary mind and body, recover relationships, and improve quality of life, is meditation.

  • Cradle /origin/ relaxation / breathing / concentration / insights / Chakra Meditation
  • Moving meditation “Deep Bow Gymnastics” aired on MBC Special / SBS Healing Camp
  • Theme meditation with nature together

Improving concentrating and attention, relieving stress Control of Insomnia / anxiety / depressive minds, improving quality of life “Heal the mind and body and recover the balance of life.”