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76th Roum Retreat in Okinawa | Ms. Lee, Housewife

“That unknown depressing feeling I had was suddenly gone without me realizing”

Though it was my first time meditating, as I was moving my body, it felt like a floating object orbiting and expanding through the universe. The experience of emotions pouring in like a waterfall afterwards and why the tears were falling down, why such emotions were all arising in me, I felt like I could sort of understand the reason as I was chasing after those feelings.


Now that I understand and look into my mind, I could really see it. And once I realized that the person that was bothering me was just that type of person, all of the discomfort and anxiety as well as the unknown depressing feeling I had before all suddenly disappeared.

I will always stay awake in this moment and love as much as I can. That is me. Thank you.

※ Ms. Lee used to be a flight attendant but was no longer able to get on a flight and while she was able to drive but not pass through a tunnel which was making her everyday life very difficult. After five times of meditation PT sessions with Mutae Seo, she was able to board the Okinawa bound flight and we will further share a follow-up on her progress over the past few months upon the healing process in Okinawa. 


76th Roum Retreat in Okinawa | Ms. Lee, Housewife


“I am finally able to open my eyes after all those times searching for an answer”

While listening to the lecture today, it felt like my eyes were finally open after all those times searching for an answer. I had been standing at the top of a cliff screaming how scared I was of feeling unstable and insecure but now I realize it is that desperation that brought me to Okinawa which I am happy about. I promise that I will have a vision for the future. Thank you.



Every single session was a miracle for me but especially there was a particular moment where I strongly felt something was falling away from me like a string being snapped.


All those emotions that I was holding onto under the notions that I thought I had to lock myself in as a mother did actually have nothing to do with Leo and realized the fact that what I really had to see and meet was actually ‘myself”…and the peace that came to me at that moment was so deep and full of love.


※ Ms. Lee is Leo’s mother who’s very good at meditating. In Okinawa as well as in Seoul, Ms. Lee clearly sees the flow of her consciousness looking into her inner side. As deep as her consciousness, we believe she is ready for the second leap. Her quietness always moves us all and leaves us with a deep touching feeling.

(c)Ritamville. Sedona in May , 2019

Discover the Unlimited Beauty


Special Ro-um Retreat in the U.S. Take your meditation to the next level by attending one of the best meditation retreats offered in amazing places led by some of the world’s greatest mentors. 

*Special Ro-um Retreat in the U.S. with world-renowned mentors at amazing meditation spots.

DATE     2019. 9. 21(Sat) ~ Program ending on 9.29(Sun) Arrive at Seoul on 10.1(Tue) 11 Days and 8 Nights

PLACE   Energy Spots picked by Ritamville
Asilomar Conference Grounds, San Francisco ~ Sedona ~ Joshua Tree ~ LA

PARTICIPANTS  From the age 5 and up. All are invited (First-come-first serviced basis) 

SPEAKER   Deepak Chopra, Chanho Park, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Mutae Sunya Seo

what is Ro-UM Retreat Special?

A nature engaging meditation program which concentrates on deep healing and self-growth. It is the “Journey to Inner-self” that implies Ritamville’s 20 years of holistic healing programs. 

It is a beautiful journey that will lead to relaxation, emptying your mind and thoughts, healing, purification, freeing yourself, and self consciousness. 

This journey will find peace, heal, and free your spirit led by expert mental therapists who have years of indoor and outdoor experiences.

Ro-um Meditation Retreat will lead to personal liberation from a fixed notion of self.  It will be a way of liberating yourself from regrets and worries.  It will help you gain stability in your power of making confident decisions. It will free yourself from bondage of holding onto things.  It will free you from fear, borders, or walls.  It will eliminate stream of thoughts that cause stress. It will produce a tranquil mind.  It will be a journey of your self-discovery.  

This retreat will be spent meditating outdoors in nature overlooking magical landscapes.  You will be stimulated by the amazing nature and be in the present moment with full awareness.  It will be a chance to connect to the nature, deepen your meditation practice, dive deeply in self care, and get healed. Through this retreat you will find your true self, the best version of yourself, and experience the limitless amount of freedom and possibilities.

(c)Ritamville. Field trip – May, 2019



(c)Ritamville. Field trip to CA in May, 2019

•Who never had yoga or meditation experience
•Who wants relaxation, emptying, healing, cleansing and purifying the body and mind
•Who wants to let go of jumbled thoughts, nervousness, and fear
•Who wants to break free from reality and set oneself free
•Who wants to improve concentration/focusing and decision making ability
•Who wants to rest and renew their brain and body
•Who wants to find their true self and open themselves to possibilities
• Who wants to change their lives for the better
•Who wants growth, development, and self help
•Who wants to live in the present moment

(c)Ritamville. Field trip to CA in May, 2019

• Who wants forgiveness and restoration
• Who wants to expand meditation to parenting and education
• Who wants to spread the light of healing and growth in life
• Who is currently working as a leader in the community to heal, grow, and awaken
• Who is yoga/pilates/fitness instructor
• Who wants to organize a corporate meditation session (HR)
• Who plans to coordinate group meditation
• Who wants to give back to society and help those in need


(c)Ritamville. ‘Super Soul Relay’ 2016

A Meditator, a Frontier of Mind-Body Medicine


The great mentor of Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton

“I asume there is only a spritual life and nothing else. If you do that then everything else follows.”

(c)Ritamville. 2016 Super Soul Relay lecture & meditation session

(L) Deepak Chopra & Mutae Sunya Seo | (R) Embassador of India, Chanho Park

(c)Ritamville. Super Soul Relay 

From Asia’s most win MLB pitcher to a meditator

Chanho PArk

Former MLB Pitcher, Meditator, Author

“Meditation gave me a chance to look my inner self, and when I find my true self, I feel freedom and peace.”

(c)Ritamville. Chanho Park & Mutae Sunya Seo

(c) 2014, 2016, 2017 Super Soul Relay lecture & Meditation session

(c)Ritamville. Super Soul Relay 

리탐빌 주최 ‘2017 Super Soul Relay’ Mentor, Meditation Teacher 


 Law of Attraction & The Secret mentor

“You have the power to change anything.”

(c)Ritamville. (L)’Michael Bernard Beckwith’ & Mutae Sunya Seo
2016 Super Soul Relay @ Eastern Prison, Social contribution
(R) @ Agape Center in Hollywood

(좌) 2017 슈퍼 소울 릴레이 제주 로움리트릿
(우) 서울 강연 후 참가자들과 함께

Ro-um Retreat Leader / The founder of Ritamville / Creator of Cradle Meditation

MUtae Seo

Mental Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Speaker, Author

“Personal Awakening,

World consciousness,

peaceful earth

(c)리탐빌. (좌) 순야 서무태 설립자 | (우) 리탐빌 아웃도어 명상 특강

(좌~우) 1~3회 슈퍼 소울 릴레이 순야 서무태 주최위원장


Mutae Seo will be guiding various introductory meditations such as Cradle Meditation.


2014 리탐빌국제명상페스티벌 (리탐빌 주최, 1회 슈퍼소울릴레이) 초청 강연

“The Whole World is Meditation is a book of sacred wisdom that is a genuine blessing. Everyone who reads this book will experience a healing in his or her spirit.”

2016 슈퍼소울릴레이 2회 (리탐빌 주최) 초청 강연

Deepak Chopra

“Mutae Seo is bringing enlightenment, higher consciousness, and health to Korea through his wonderful work at Ritamville and also through his books. I heartily congratulate him and offer him my highest support.”  


2017 슈퍼소울릴레이 3회 (리탐빌 주최) 초청 강연

Micheal Beckwith

“I love the simplicity in which he wrote this most powerful book on meditation.”

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