2017 Super Soul Relay

2017.10.20 ~ 10.25
Hosted by Ritamville, sponsored by Indian Cultural Center, broadcasted by BTN
Social Contribution
Inmate correction program: Seoul East Prison
Beer yoga, meditation festival, Seocho Cultural Park

(c)2016 Ritamville. Michael B. Beckwith

(c)Ritamville. Seocho Cultural Park
(c)Ritamville. Seocho Cultural Park
(c)Ritamville. Seocho Cultural Park
Super Soul in Seoul: Michael Bernard Beckwith lecture at Sangmyung Art Center
(c)Ritamville. Micheal B. Beckwth
(c)Ritamville. Chanho Park
(c)Ritamville. Ven. Hyemin
(c)Ritamville. Chang-ok Kim
Ritavmille Ro-um Retreat with Super Souls in Jeju
(c)Ritamville. Mutae Seo
(c)Ritamville. Meditating on Yacht
(c)Ritamville. Rishi Lee
(c)Ritamville. Meditating on the beach