2014 Ritamville International Yoga Meditation Festival

2014.10.3 ~ 5
Hosted by Ritamville and Namhae gun (County in South Gyeongsang Province), sponsored by Korea Tourism
– Arirang TV Arirang Prime ‘The Journey of Meditation’ documentary production and broadcast
Documentary aired at Arirang TV, English-language television network based in Seoul.
(c)2014 Ritamville. South Cape Owner’s Club
(c)2014 Ritamville. Chanho Park and Mutae Seo
(c) 2016 Ritamville. Meditating on Yacht
(c) 2016 Ritamville. Yoga in woods
(c) 2016 Ritamville. Waking meditation
(c) 2016 Ritamville. Caroline Myss
(c) 2016 Ritamville. Music festival
(c) 2016 Ritamville. Music festival