Ritam Meditation

Rebalance your life and heal your mind, body and spirit through meditation”

Ritamville has a range of courses, from beginner to advanced levels. Meditation is a powerful tool that can heal your exhausted mind and body, restore your relationships and enhance quality of life.

Ritamville’s specialized meditation programs include:

Improvement of concentration and attention is the beginning of an appropriate way of thinking and release of emotion.

Even beginners can easily perform basic meditation techniques.

Since this is a process of feeling and discovering the power that is already within you by transcending the idea that meditation is tedious and difficult, it is referred to as concentration or deep-focus meditation. It prepares you to commune not only with family, colleagues, and friends, but also with animals and nature, and it brings you the state of mind necessary for healing.

You can attempt to commune with your inner self by releasing and ridding yourself of your distracted and disconnected mind. When you are able to commune with yourself, you can also commune with others. You will realize that you are no longer alone.

Resolves pending abstract issues that arise in your mind.

You must prepare your body for meditation and let yourself be guided by an experienced meditation trainer. Experiences of intuitive power and insight, infinite freedom, and emptiness of the mind begin with the ability to concentrate and focus deeply.

Recommended for:
• Those who avoid or resist emotions such as anger, irritation, and anxiety
• Those who have difficulty in falling asleep or wake up frequently during the night
• Those who feel lethargic or have diminished concentration due to lots of distracting thoughts
• Those having difficulties due to psychogenic disorders, including digestive disorders
• Those who are inexperienced in meditation or find meditation to be difficult and tediousAnticipated effects
• Restore comfort and laughter through the relaxation of your mind and body
• Restore vitality through an awakening of the senses
• Improve your natural healing abilities by maintaining alpha waves, which are a kind of healthy brainwave
• Improve work efficiency and study ability through relaxation of muscles and tension
• Improve your memory, concentration, creativity, imagination, and emotional indexes

Cradle meditation is a method design to allow modern people to practice meditation easily anytime, anywhere.

Your brainwaves will fall and your thoughts will be emptied by relaxing your tense body and mind. Regain your balance in life through healing and a total restoration of the mind and body. This includes an improved ability to concentrate/focus, stress relief, control over insomnia/anxiety/depression, improved quality of life, and development of creativity, wisdom, intuition, etc.

As you sit with your back straight, moving your spine side to side as if rocking in a cradle, your brainwaves will fall and relax. A baby who keeps whining is not able to fall asleep if left lying in a bed. However, the baby can fall asleep quickly if put in a rocking cradle as s/he becomes relaxed and comfortable. Long ago, teachers would slightly sway side to side while teaching in order to empty their thoughts and relax their concentration. Through such simple repetitive movements, you will be able to experience a relaxing meditation in a sleep-like state as your mind is emptied of any distracting thoughts.

Commune with yourself to brighten the light of your soul.

Our soul meditation is aimed at caring for the self you have failed to recognize or missed out on due to your other interests and outward concentration.

As such, it will enable you to find your true self or continue the connection with your inner self by releasing the lock you have put on your inner aspects. You will be able to restore and productively utilize any spiritual energy that has been unwittingly wasted or lost. The brainwave you experience at the moment when creative thoughts pop up, or at the moment of finding the solution to a problem you have been fretting over, or the freedom from all thoughts such as an athlete experience—this is the brainwave of meditation, the theta wave.

Those who have been practicing meditation for a long period of time display theta waves most of the time and can control them at will.


Return to your innate, cheerful, and confident self.

This is a meditation that improves self love. In addition to these positive changes, you can discover the strength that exists inside everyone. You can experience an awakening in each and every moment.

Recommended for:
• Those wanting to rediscover their cheerful, bright, and beautiful selves
• Those experiencing fatigued bodies or minds due to mental imbalance
• Those who want to expand their positive energy in making changes to their daily lives
• Those who lack the courage to make necessary changes

Anticipated Effects
• Changes in positive energies like love, gratitude, respect, peace, and happiness
• A cheerful and bright image
• Improvement of various psychogenic disorders such as depression and hypersensitivity

The enhancement of your insight and ability to observe is awakened through the breath.

Focus your consciousness on your breath.

Your ability to observe will improve by letting your cleared conscience remain in the present as your flow of concentration continues. You will experience a feeling of revitalization from the fresh air and energy flowing from your brain (which requires lots of oxygen) to your extremities. That is, you will feel enlivened and refreshed, experiencing a lucid mind that is as clear as if you had just woken up.

Simultaneously restore your physical and mental health.

A breathing meditation restores the body and mind to as clear and as pure a state as if they had been newly ventilated, activating your natural healing abilities and brain function. You can use breathing as a tool to shape your mental health in connection with the rest of your body.

Recommended for:
• Those who feel they lack tenacity or endurance in comparison to their ability to concentrate
• Those wishing to resolve heart palpitations and focus a distracted mind
• Pregnant women wanting to establish a breath connection with their baby
• Those with high blood pressure who easily get red in the face
• Those who experience shortness of breath with even a little movement
• Those who experience difficulty controlling their emotions

Anticipated effects
• Stabilized blood flow to the brain, which assists in relaxing your brain waves and easing your mind and body
• Strengthened lung, circulatory, and lymph function
• Improvement of respiratory system disorders and strengthened immunity
• Relaxation and a center of internal power
• Improved memory and concentration and stress relief

Bowing is a moving meditation.

While bowing, you will come face-to-face with many facets of your inner self. Through these encounters with long-held thoughts and feelings such as irritation, lethargy, anxiety, fear, etc., your old habits will disappear along with any inner turmoil. You will be able to concentrate solely on the present moment.

Recommended for:
• Those wanting to lose weight
• Those wanting to strengthen their knee joints (various cases of degenerative arthritis, rheumatism, etc.)
• Those wanting a good night’s sleep and brighter skin
• Those wanting to purify their body and mind
• Those who find themselves unable to live in the present due to past regrets or anxiety, or expectations for the future

Anticipated effects
• Clear connection with your inner self
• A positive, humble mindset
• Activate your circulation by bending and extending the entire body
• Strengthen your body’s built-in natural healing powers

Joong-Ang Sunday” Chanho Park 2018.8.11

Aired at SBS “Healing Camp” Episode 51: Soyoung Go 2012.7.9


It’s time to communicate sincerely with yourself through your inner voice.

Communicate with your inner self by visualizing and making a repetitive supplication for health, happiness, and freedom. Pray for those beyond yourself—family, friends, acquaintances—with positive emotions like gratitude, forgiveness, respect, and peace.

Recommended for:
• Those wishing to restore their confidence and love for themselves
• Those experiencing conflicts in dragging relationships
• Those wanting to make positive changes in their daily lives

Anticipated effects
• Restoration of self-love and increased confidence
• Freedom from your external environment through internal peace
• Improvement of your fundamental quality of life