Ritam Yoga

“Create a younger body”

Ritamville yoga is moving meditation. Through yoga, we can learn to recognize the habits of mind and body that cause pain and discomfort. Through breathing deeply and observing the breath, we can encourage deep healing and inner peace.

Ritamville’s specialized yoga programs include:

Design a younger biological age.

Unhealthy lifestyles and various harmful substances in urban environments suppress the effective discharge of toxic materials from the body.

Toxic substances and waste materials that cannot be removed in a timely manner due to various stresses inhibit vital activities, triggering damage to the circulatory system and promoting aging, which causes chronic disease. A program that can purify the body, starting with the skin, and provide healthy dietary effects is a necessity for modern people.

t is possible to increase immunity five to six-fold by raising your body temperature 1°C.

When your body temperature falls by even 1°C, your metabolic rate falls by 12% and your immunity falls by about 30% due to decreased white blood cell activity. Maintaining your body temperature enables you to lead a healthy life by inducing proper immune function.

Recommended for:
• Those needing to improve gastrointestinal health due to disorders such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, or irritable bowel syndrome
• Those who feel discomfort such as swelling, abnormal urination, or dry mouth
• Those needing to improve liver health due to chronic fatigue, lethargy, weakened concentration, or heavy drinking
• Those needing to improve circulation due to poor blood pressure, cholesterol, or cold hands and feet
• Those with various skin problems such as a lack of skin elasticity, darkened skin tone, or dark circles under the eyes
• Those who have failed to achieve the desired effects of the diets they have attempted, or those who find yoga difficult

Anticipated effects
• Relieve gastrointestinal issues such as constipation or diarrhea and prevent urinary incontinence
• Strengthen your immunity
• Clear and clean purification of your blood and skin
• Breakdown of body fat and relief from menstrual pain as the abdomen warms up
• Diet effects without the yo-yo phenomenon
• Reduce dependence on and seeking of sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, etc.

Comments of participants

“Through detox yoga, I learned how hardened my gastrointestinal tract had become. My previously red and itchy skin became clear and moist after a few yoga sessions. As my gastrointestinal tract became healthier, I was able to control my overeating quite naturally. In addition, I felt my mind and emotions becoming purified as my body became purified.”
– Yang, 
ㅇㅇ, a writer

Breathing that heals not only congestion in the chest, but also a temperamental mind

Complex emotions like anger, irritation, anxiety, and lethargy

can manifest themselves as circulatory disorders causing warming of the head and eyes (which should be kept cool) and gradual cooling of the abdomen and limbs (which should be kept warm). Healing breathing exercises, which pinpoint exactly which parts of the body need to be healed, open up breathing channels that were previously closed, allowing the congestion to disappear and enabling you to experience naturally long and deep breaths.

Breathing is something that you do naturally, without effort.Breathing is important for improving your inner health as it delivers oxygen to all reaches of the body and gently massages your organs. Notably, exhalation lowers the acidity of the blood by clearing the blood and refreshing the head through the release of any remaining carbon dioxide in the body via the exchange of gases.

Recommended for:
• Those suffering from respiratory disorders or who breathe using the chest or shoulders
• Those with a pale complexion or congested chest
• Those with a reddened face or who feel that they have too much heat in their upper body
• Those with slouched shoulders
• Those who frequently experience anxiety, restlessness, or tension
• Those with an unclear head or eyes

Anticipated effects
• Fully open the breathing channel for a refreshed feeling and relief from chest congestion
• Maintain the sort of freshness that you get from a sound sleep
• Experience straightening of slouched shoulders and chest
• Improve pulmonary function and relieve circulation disorders through a better flowing supply of oxygen
• Maintain a normal blood pressure

Comments of participants
I gradually learned the importance of breathing by continuing daily training for long time, and Prana breathing led me to understand that our bodies are the conduit for breathing. Once I came to better understand breathing, I realized that I can achieve a posture appropriate for my body through breathing, rather than just by achieving flexibility in my body. Since I learned how to breathe properly, yoga, an activity that I previously felt I could not enjoy in my life, has become very interesting and fun.”

– Lee, OO, Anatta

It infuses vitality into life with an energy similar to the effects of vitamins and adjuvants.

The core zone of the body, composed of the abdominal and thigh areas centered around the hip joint that links the hips to the thighs, is referred to as the power zone.
The center of the power zone is inside the abdomen approximately 5cm below the belly button, and it is the source of the power and energy that enables our activity. The combination of visible and invisible power zones corresponds to the concept of fueling an automobile or recharging a battery in a mobile phone. If you continue to feel hungry even after you eat, sleepy even after you sleep, and experience unfounded irritation and lethargy, try this type of yoga now.

This program, which combines strengthening of the power zone with unlimited human energy, is as sustainable as vitamins and adjuvants.
It guides you in the practice of realizing that you are in control of your body, mind, and life by refilling your energy sources that have been depleted by countless thoughts and emotions.

Recommended for:
• Those who easily become fatigued and lethargic and find it difficult to wake up in the morning
• Those who lack tenacity and patience
• Those planning to have healthy children by strengthening the pelvis, uterus, and reproductive functions
• Those whose eyes and mouths dry out easily
• Those with a cold abdomen and limbs, and those who experience heaviness in their arms and legs
• Those needing prevention/healing due to fears of falling and bone fractures

Anticipated effects
• Increased bone density, including in the hip joint
• Control quantity of food consumption and sleep
• Relieve chronic fatigue
• Improve your driving force and enhance your desire to achieve
• Strengthen your willpower and ability to concentrate
• Control depression and fluctuations in emotion

Comments of participants

“I cannot forget the day I first saw a demonstration of power position yoga. I can still remember the shock I experienced as I saw the person’s head lift up while lying down with their arms and legs raised dramatically. I also vividly remember my shock at the time when I realized that over the course of my training, I had come to be able to maintain my posture with abdominal pressure attained through my breathing rather than relying on my strength like I did at first. Although it’s a tough move, I have experienced the feeling of being suspended freely in the air with my body as completely relaxed as laundry hanging on a washing line as I put all my focus on my bodily energy. Through the changes in my body experienced through power position yoga, I have come to understand that it is possible to control my body with energy rather than muscular strength. Power position yoga is the time I become a little more freed from my body.”

– Lee, OO, Anatta 

Awaken your consciousness via a moving flow.

The connectivity between your movements and breathing is as natural as the flow of water.
Movements are connected rhythmically, and, at times, dynamically. This leads to awakened consciousness within a natural flow of movement, i.e. a moving meditation. Just as a conductor elicits beautiful harmonies, you will experience an infinite fullness of freedom and inner consciousness in the midst of your movement..

A combination of meditation, breathing, and movement guides you to a peacefulness and tranquility in your mind and body.
You are able to determine the balance between movement and breathing (energy), hardness and flexibility, lightness and heaviness, movement and tranquility (pause), and emptiness and fullness as is appropriate for you.

Recommended for:
• Those needing to relax their body and mind due to spending their time working in a fixed posture
• Those wanting a more rhythmic or dynamic yoga experience
• Those considering a diet due to age-related weight gain or edema
• Those wanting a flexible and resilient body
• Those with difficulties in achieving relaxation and concentration due to too many distracting thoughts

Anticipated effects
• Discharge waste from the body by stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems
• Warming of the body, promoting circulation by coordinating your breathing with your movements
• Increased lung capacity and improved blood pressure control
• An abundance of energy following training
• Balanced muscular strength in the lower body and softness in the upper body
• Clear concentration and relaxation

Comments of participants
“Healing Vinyasa helps you encounter your true self that transcends your bodily training! This is an easy, yet amazing, experience in which it is possible to reach deep meditation through the process of movement.”
– Lee, ㅇㅇ, Yoga instructor with 7 years of yoga experience

‘My body is the history of my life.’

It is possible to temporarily hide your thoughts and emotions;
however, imbalances between the left and right sides of the spine, pelvis, shoulders, etc. due to improper daily habits and postures, eating habits, and emotions are recorded in the body as they are. Due to the laws of gravity, daily habits in particular cause increased distortion with the passing of time. This not only distorts the position of the pelvis, length of the legs, height of the shoulders, etc., but it also affects the internal organs, causing circulatory disorders, obesity, and various other pains. Modern people are becoming increasingly interested in ways of maintaining proper posture.

Correction and balancing are not to be approached lightly.
You can discover any deformations and recognize repetitive patterns in your daily life through a ‘body checkup’. We provide an exercise prescription for postural correction customized to the lifestyles of our members.

Recommended for:
• Those needing musculoskeletal correction in the spine, pelvis, legs, etc.
• Those who have accumulated fatigue from neck and shoulder stiffness, pain, slipped discs, etc.
• Those with circulatory disorders in the lower body or back pain
• Those with different shoulder heights or who show marked differences in the worn-out areas of their left and right pant legs and/or shoes
• Those whose pants or skirts tend to ride up to one side
• Those who have undergone multiple corrective treatments but have persisting symptoms

Anticipated effects
• Improvement in lumbar pain, menstrual pain, and menstrual irregularity
• Alleviation of stiffness and pain
• Chronic headache relief
• Harmony between circulation, reduced obesity, and diet
• Restoration of confidence through proper posture and bodily correction
• Improved concentration and change in everyday habits

Comments of participants
“As I learned to balance my body, I became very interested in yoga and came to recognize how tense and twisted my body was.”

– Lee, OO, 13 years of yoga experience