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Ritamville means “village of truth”.

Since 1999, we have enlightened many people, organizations, and thought-leaders. In this materialistic age, we have a thirst for awakening and growing our consciousness, which cannot be satisfied with money. Ritamville’s specialized yoga, meditation, detox and total well-being programs are designed for people who are looking for their authentic selves with deep connection and liberation. 

Mutae Seo, the Founder of Ritamville Meditation+Yoga Center in Seoul, South Korea created meditation methods called Cradle Meditation. It is a meditation method which utilizes the principle of using a cradle to stop a crying child to go to sleep more easily. Place both hands on your knees in a seated position and as you move your upper body from left to right, your brain wave decreases. You will feel deep relaxation and finally your pure inner self –a stepping stone for your self-awakening journey.

A nature engaging meditation program which concentrates on deep healing and self-growth. It is the “Journey to Inner-self” that implies Ritamville’s 20 years of holistic healing programs. 

It is a beautiful journey that will lead to relaxation, emptying your mind and thoughts, healing, purification, freeing yourself, and self consciousness. 

This journey will find peace, heal, and free your spirit led by expert mental therapists who have years of indoor and outdoor experiences.

A nature engaging meditation program which concentrates on deep healing and self-growth. It is the “Journey to Inner-self” that implies Ritamville’s 20 years of holistic healing programs. 

It is a beautiful journey that will lead to relaxation, emptying your mind and thoughts, healing, purification, freeing yourself, and self consciousness. 

This journey will find peace, heal, and free your spirit led by expert mental therapists who have years of indoor and outdoor experiences.

Deepak Chopra: The Nature of Reality

Sept 22, 2019
Asilomar Conference Grounds, CA

Deepak explores consciousness, science, and the ultimate nature of reality. Their dialogue probes the role that consciousness plays in our perception and understanding of the universe.


Mutae Seo: The pleasure of Self-Awareness

Sept 22, 2019
Asilomar Conference Grounds, CA

Mutae Seo talks about breaking free from the conventional ideas inside you. Participants will be guided to experience Cradle Meditation.

Michael B. Beckwith: Agape’s Sunday Services at Saban Theater

Sept 29, 2019
Saban Theater, CA

Just as the mother aspect of God reveals itself as cosmic wisdom. We all possess these qualities in our soul consciousness. That which we call our finite self and infinite self are one and the same, quietly awaiting our inner awakening to the truth that it’s all God.


Mutae Seo: Cradle Meditation 

Sept 29, 2019
Saban Theater, CA

Mutae Seo will be leading guided meditation. He will introduce Cradle Meditation, which involves slow upper body movements creating a cradle-like effect. After meditation session, he will talk about meeting authentic inner souls.

Private Cradle Meditation session
@Agape International Spirit Center

Donation Dirve

Cradle Meditation session

at Chocolatree, Sedona & At Posse Grounds Pavillion

Ro-um Meditation Retreat will lead to personal liberation from a fixed notion of self.  It will be a way of liberating yourself from regrets and worries.  It will help you gain stability in your power of making confident decisions. It will free yourself from bondage of holding onto things.  It will free you from fear, borders, or walls.  It will eliminate stream of thoughts that cause stress. It will produce a tranquil mind.  It will be a journey of your self-discovery. 

DATE     2019. 9. 21(Sat) ~ Program ending on 9.29(Sun) Arrive at Seoul on 10.1(Tue) 11 Days and 8 Nights

PLACE   Energy Spots selected by Ritamville
Asilomar Conference Grounds, San Francisco ~ Sedona ~ Joshua Tree ~ LA

PARTICIPANTS  From the age 5 and up. All are invited (First-come-first serviced basis) 

SPEAKER   Deepak Chopra, Chanho Park, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Mutae Sunya Seo

This retreat will be spent meditating outdoors in nature overlooking magical landscapes.  You will be stimulated by the amazing nature and be in the present moment with full awareness.  It will be a chance to connect to the nature, deepen your meditation practice, dive deeply in self care, and get healed. Through this retreat you will find your true self, the best version of yourself, and experience the limitless amount of freedom and possibilities.

Welcome to healing and peace, by being continuously aware of the causes and habits of uncomfortable symptoms of the body, and observing inhalation and exhalation.

  • Yoga program specialized for Detox / Healing Breath / Power-Up / Correction & Balance
  • Detox: Excellent effect of healthy diet purified every internal organs including the skin
  • Healing Breathing: clearing blood and refreshed brain by sufficiently emitting ordinary remaining carbon dioxide by guiding the action for deep long breath and breathing itself
  • Power-up: full physical and mental vitality by reinforcing the power zone of the body corresponding to the hardware and charging the energy corresponding to the software
  • Correction & Balance: the realization of variation and repeated pattern in their lives through 1: 1 “SA Body Check-up” and the guidance of correction posture and exercise prescription suitable for lifestyle of membership
  • Other Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Mat Pilates, etc.

“Design your body age younger”

It offers various courses from easy and comfortable beginner course to intensify course. The Meditation is like magic that can heal weary mind and body, recover relationships, and improve quality of life, is meditation.

  • Cradle /origin/ relaxation / breathing / concentration / insights / Chakra Meditation
  • Moving meditation “Deep Bow Gymnastics” aired on MBC Special / SBS Healing Camp
  • Theme meditation with nature together

Improving concentrating and attention, relieving stress Control of Insomnia / anxiety / depressive minds, improving quality of life “Heal the mind and body and recover the balance of life.”

“Growing together through yoga and meditation” We are seeking talented individuals seeking personal awakening, global consciousness and a peaceful earth to undertake Ritamville instructor-training, in order to spread Ritamville’s yoga and meditation practices nationally and internationally. The yoga trainer, meditation instructor and counselor courses are available as individual courses, or as a single package. There are Introductory, intermediate and advanced level courses for each training program. In addition, a healer-training course is available. The “Holistic Healing” course has seven levels, starting from beginner through to highly advanced. Upon completion of these courses, students will be awarded certification, which will open up the opportunity to teach in a range of settings, including workshops in companies, government agencies or schools, healing camps and international events.

Ritamville Hannam is located in the center of Seoul, at the base of the beautiful Namsan Mountain. At this location, you can undertake a healing program including yoga, meditation, mental discipline, and spiritual growth. It is an oasis of peace and tranquility in the middle of the city. It features a plush studio-space, a wide-selection of healing teas, and a beautiful terrace area under leafy trees for outdoor yoga and meditation practice. The SPS individual program is designed to promote mental growth and awakening. There are three different levels:

  • Inner-worth: discover the infinite value inside your soul
  • Advaita: practice non-judgmental awareness to access deep intuition and personal awakening
  • Aditiya: enlightenment and inner peace through self-realization

Ritamville also teaches yoga, meditation and total well-being in private houses, offices and organizational settings.

The practice of meditation is widespread among renowned firms such as Google and Apple, CEOs and celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey and Richard Gear, and schools, and has proven positive effects on stress-reduction, happiness and well-being. The HHEI Holistic Healing & Efficiency Improving Meditation Program is designed for businesses and leaders who would like to gain the benefits of meditation. This program can be delivered in offices or any other suitable space or occasion. The program will help to increase employee productivity and grow a healthier team-environment and work-culture.

Growing up as a third-culture kid, I’ve always lived with a sense of insecurity. Under a Korean heritage, I was born in Brazil, and studied with an American education moving between other diverse countries. Although I do realize there were many benefits amidst my unique circumstances, I found it harder to understand myself as I grew older. I battled to find peace with questions of my own identity for a good few years. After my second day at Ritamville, I felt a great sense of relief as I felt I had begun to find the answers that I been seeking for. Through meditation, I encountered a new sense of peace that I had never experienced before. A sense of true happiness and gratitude created from no place other than yourself. I learned how to accept myself for the person I am and found myself looking at others for who they really are.

After meditating and training at Ritamville for 4 months, it was time for me to finally head on to college. I always felt fearful when thinking of leaving my comfort place but my time at Ritamville gave me the courage to start anew. It is my 2nd month of college and my mid-terms are coming up. I feel a significant change in how I live my day to day life after my experience with meditation. I’ve learned to be able to enjoy the present moment and I am feeling another level of appreciation for the new friends that I’m getting to know. I am comfortable in my own skin, and in the oddest and sometimes also scariest of times, I feel surprisingly confident. I hope that your journey with Ritamville will free you as much and more as it has done for me. <yena, intrenational student in france, ritamville international meditation instructor>