#Anatta Meditation Course

Unshedding the old me and finding freedom and happiness in the present

What does “Anatta” mean?

We bow to all those who have found their true selves _()_

Life is so much healthier and richer when you listen to your inner voice about health, living life to the fullest, relationships, society, and any other important questions about life.

People today are unable to hear their inner voice because they are stuck in their old ways of life in their thinking, preconceived notions, fears, desires and judgments.

When you don’t listen to your inner voice, your soul makes your body ill as a last resort. Instead of rushing to the hospital, we need to awaken to the present and bring awareness to our inner conscious.

‘Anatta’ means non-self in Sanskrits  

Ritamville’s ‘Anatta Meditation Course’ can bring deep awareness to your life and wonderful changes by unshedding the old me and finding freedom and happiness in the present. Beyond the individual level, the course can help bring relationships together and create collaboration.

We hope you find infinite beauty through the Ritamville  Anatta Meditation Course_()_


“During Anatta meditation, I had the peculiar experience of feeling free and peaceful while also feeling that there was a huge universe within me.”  by writer, Park OO  

“I was happy, grateful, and blessed throughout my pregnancy. I believe it’s due to Anatta. You don’t know how lucky I am to have encountered it during this time. I want to become deeper, broader, and brighter. I want to share this happiness. Thank you. I love you.”  Moon OO 

“Meditation has made me feel free and loving, and I think it will change everything. Chakra meditation made me tear up from the emotion. All the people I have met in my life have been able to make me feel love. Although I felt regret for not realizing that, I also felt warm and thankful. I got the feeling that all things are good just as they are.” Fitness Trainer Kim O

“I got goose bumps and a feeling of joy when I felt the spreading energy of love. I kept on having goosebumps.” by Yoon OO 

“I got goose bumps and cried freely. I wouldn’t be here now if my knees hadn’t hurt. I didn’t cry because of the pain. They were tears of joy and gratitude as I felt the power to look at the pain.”  by actress Lee OO   

“I now know that the light is me. I am that light.  When I enter into the beautiful crystal-like light, I disappear, and when I open my eyes, I feel gratitude along with that feeling of disappearing into the air.”  by yoga instructor, Lee OO    


2014 Ritamville National Meditation Festival (Ritamville’s First Super Soul Relay) Guest Lecture

A review from world-renowned lecturer in the field of medical intuition

<Guest Lecture Review>

“I’ve traveled the world giving lectures and this is the first time so many people have come prepared (consciousness, chakra, etc.)”

<The Whole World is Meditating>

The Whole World is Meditating is a book of sacred wisdom that is a genuine blessing. Everyone who reads this book will experience a healing in his or her spirit.”

2014 Ritamville National Meditation Festival (Ritamville”s 2th Super Soul Relay) Guest Lecture

Deepak Chopra

A review from the healing mentor of Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton

Medical doctor, New York Times Bestseller

<The Pleasure of Self-Awareness, The Whole World is Meditating Review>

“Mutae Seo is bringing enlightenment, higher consciousness, and health to Korea through his wonderful work at Ritamville and also through his books. I heartily congratulate him and offer him my highest support.” 

“Mutae Seo is bringing enlightenment, higher consciousness, and health to Korea through his wonderful work at Ritamville and also through his books. I heartily congratulate him and offer him my highest support.”


2017 Ritmaville National Meditation Festival (Ritamville”s 3rd Super Soul Relay) Guest Lecture

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Michael Bernard Beckwith

A review from [The Secret] Featured Teacher, Producer and Actor, New Thought Minister, Meditator, and Healing Mentor

<The Whole World is Meditating Review>

“I think your book is a really powerful book among the many books on meditation. I was fascinated by its simplicity. I send love and blessings to you and your staff. If there is anything I can do to help you, do not hesitate to contact me.”

Training content and benefits

Location: Ritamville Ritam-hall, Dyana Hall

[Step 1 – 5 Weeks]

Conscious meditation and in-depth analysis

– Weekly conscious meditation series to free yourself from excessive worry and fixations

– Insight into the ultimate awareness of being and direction of life

– Convert the negative energy directed towards others, restore your relationships

– Restore vitality into your fearful or lethargic daily life and improve your self-esteem 

– In-depth analysis of consciousness in emotions/behaviors/ health/relationships

-Achieve meditation in everyday life

[Step 2 – 6 weeks]

Chakra meditation and awakening healing energy

– Weekly physical/energy/spiritual body-activating chakra meditation series

– 7 chakra holistic principle and theory, and the connection between health and various phenomena

– The wisdom to control inappropriate impulses surrounding need, desire, external authority, etc. due to lack of energy/excess of chakra

– Intuition, creativity, etc.

[Step 3 – 5 weeks]

Healing meditation and method

– Weekly healing meditation series for selflessness, emptiness, and the universe

– ‘The body is the history of life’: various methods for healing unconscious habits and feelings that remain stored in the body as well as for opening and awakening dead energy

– Maximize self-healing and healing energy at Anatta’s delta wavelength (the same wavelength that the general public has when sleeping) 

– Realize that being conscious of the past and present affects physical health, and that consciousness is important for creating energy transformation.


1. Current SAP Members and MyZone, TLU and Ro-um Retreat Participants
2. Anatta Meditation Course Participants
3. Everyone is welcomed

-Regardless of yoga and meditation experience

-If you’re looking for relaxation, emptying, cleansing, healing, courage, forgiveness and communication

-If you want to be free from the stress, fear, and frustration of everyday life

-If you want to increase your attention span, improve your decision-making skills, and have a truly restful, healing

-If you are burnt-out or looking to take a break from work in hopes for a new life

-If you are seeking conscious growth, self-development, self-change, awareness of your inner being and a deep meditation experience

-If you are pursuing meditation in your present life

-If you looking to find your true self


Come join us!

Certification will be issued.

Benefits include:

For balance of mind and body

#RitamvilleYoga #RitamvilleMeditation Daily Training for one month (weekends and weekdays)


One #RitamvilleYogaWorkshop program














President, Sunya Mutae Seo

Founder of #Ritamville, Meditator, Lecturer, Author Chairperson of #SuperSoulRelay

#Ritamville Meditation Consulting

[Lecture, Workshop, Healing Camp]

Corporate CEO, Professional athletes, official meditation leader

Baseball spring camp in Okinawa

3 days, 2 nights home stadium lecture


Meteorological Office, LG Display, Samsung S-1, Asiana Airlines, Shinsegae International, JoongAng Daily, POSCO, Samsung Seoul Hospital, SONY, Jaeil Corporation, Lotte, MBC Culture Center, CJ, Korea Leadership Center, Woori Bank, La Mer, Shinhan Bank, Ehwa Womens University, Australia New Zealand Bank, India Culture Center, South Cape Owners Club, Shinhan Card, and more

Lecture/workshop/healing camp/Ro-um retreat leader

Ritamville Introduction

Ritamville means “the village of truth” and is a holistic healing expert.

Since its opening in 1999, it has been continuing its efforts to realize ‘personal awakening’, ‘human consciousness,’ and a ‘peaceful earth.’

Ritamville is responsible for planning and organizing large-scale, international events such as

-2014 Ritamville National Meditation Festival [Sponsored by Korea Tourism Organization]

-2016 Super Soul Relay [Supported by Korea’s diplomatic mission]

-2017 Super Soul Relay [Sponsorship of Indian Culture in Korea]


Ritamville is also contributing to a new SOUL culture in the Spiritual Field.

We are contributing to awakening the ‘human consciousness’ as we are all one and never separated, and it is through our various activities such as our ‘Hug Campaign,’ ‘Sharing and Emptying Butterfly Bazaar’, ‘Volunteering’ that we are building our healing culture campaign.

※June, 3, 2006 to present Hug Campaign

-Baseball Player Chan-Ho Park and Citizens (December 27, 2008 Sports Seoul Front Page News)

-Actresses Park Hee Bon, Seo Hyun Jin, Kang So Ra, Son Ye Jin, Talents Song Yi Woo, and Miss Korea Yoo Hye Mi have also participated

※Volunteering Events with [UNICEF/Amnesty International] | Charity Bazaar/Flea Market Events | Various Prisons


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