Let’s travel together to Asia’s Hawaii, Okinawa, where there is mysticism and wonder, forest and trees, sun and stars, ocean and beach, wind and clouds. A place where you can rest and breathe while awakening your soul.



》 Date : Thursday, June 13, 2019 to Sunday, June 16, 2019


》 Place : Okinawa, Japan


》 For more information : 02.3448.9901 / 010.2105.9901


》 Who : All are invited (first come first serve)





– For young children to those who have retired, for those that have never experienced yoga or meditation, you are welcomed to join us


– For those looking for relaxation, cleansing, healing, or courage, forgiveness and communication


– For those who want to be free from tension, fear and frustration of everyday life


– For those who want to improve their attention span and their decision-making skills while experiencing a true rest and healing


– For those burnt out and looking to turn over a new leaf or dreaming of a new life


– For those who seek conscious growth, self-development, self-change, awareness of self, and want to experience a deep meditation


– For those looking to be more present through meditation


We welcome anyone looking for their true selves!




– For those who want to restore relationships


– For those seek meditation while taking care of children, teaching or educating others


– For yoga or Pilates instructors interested in healing information


– For those providing human resource support


– For those who want to tap into the power of meditation and share the energy with others


– For those planning a family, group or club activity


We recommend sharing this trip with your friends, family, and co-workers!






  》 Certificate | Discount | Benefit | Enrollment





– Certificate : You will receive a certificate after participating in the 4 day course.


– Discount : There is a discount for Ritamville’s 20th Anniversary.


– Benefit : If you register for a two-person or one-person room, you will be able to attend two additional workshops in Seoul after returning from the trip. If you register for the one-person room plus the intensive meditation package, you will receive two group Worthwhile meditation sessions in addition to the two workshops in Seoul after returning from the trip.


– Enrollment  : As the deadline comes closer, the airfare will significantly increase or sell out so reservations will be done on a first come first serve basis.


※ [Social Contribution] The educational expenses of this program are used for social contribution and healing cultural campaigns done by Ritamville. 


 》 Ro-um Retreat Reviews


Read more reviews here >>  https://blog.naver.com/soulcenter1/221538319166



– 76th Ro-um video review



》 What is a Ro-um Retreat?



– The freedom to make bright and honest decisions


– The peace of finding a “new me” without regret or worry


– The wisdom to heal and find relief from everyday stress


– The abundance of love


– The wonder of finding “me”


– The mystery of the universe and healing spaces So many Ro-um Retreat participants have had these experiences during their trips







An Intensive Course for Healing and Conscious Growth


Ritamville’s 20 years of history and rich experience are a part of the “Journey to the Inside” in this holistic healing program. It’s a beautiful journey of truth that takes place indoors and outdoors with mental therapists to guide you to relax, heal, experience freedom and create awareness of your inner being.




Two Additional Workshops in Seoul 


To continue awakening and experience the changes in your everyday life, once we return to Seoul, there will be a special training session after the trip.







》 Worldwide Mentors Who Recommend a Ro-um Retreat



2017 Super Soul Relay Guest Lecture ‘Michael Bernard Beckwith’


Michael Bernard Beckwith was originally only scheduled for three lectures during the Super Soul Relay event.


However, as he saw the social contribution events take place, he saw the value and was so moved that he also attended the Ro-um Retreat on Jeju Island in 2017.


He said, “This is such a special program that you can’t even find in the States and it was such a blessing to be able to participate in this event,” and promised to join us for another Ro-um Retreat in the future in the States.



 Moving beyond your inner awakening and realizing inner consciousness and a peaceful earth with Ritamville


Even if we look at just Ro-um events, we’ve had 74 trips domestically within Korea, two nationwide events, two international trips, and various corporate/school lectures/workshops/healing camps so we are sharing the value of Ritamville and planning to be a bit more active in the world (we’re also preparing events in the US and India).



》 Why Okinawa?  



Okinawa is


A place where even the Japanese dream of going at least once in their lives. Known as “Asia’s Hawaii”, it takes about two hours to fly from Incheon International Airport and is closer to Seoul than Tokyo.


The average annual temperature is warm at about 20 degrees Celsius and the people are warm as well. They are filled with laughter, kindness and are caring of others helping to make Okinawa a wonderful travel destination.


Let’s hear from the Ritamville team who just participated in an event for spring training with a Korean baseball team, “I could not hear the clashing sounds of the cars and every time I said ‘sumimasen’ I was able to feel more considerate and respect in my body.”



》 What will we do during the retreat?




》 Who are our guides?


During the 4 days and 3 nights, we will be accompanied with meditation and yoga guides while we are indoors and outdoors participating in lectures and in the holistic healing program.




– Mental Therapist Lecturer, Leader and Guide

  Sunya Mutae Seo (Ritamville President)



– Ritamville President

– Super Soul Relay Chairperson

– Chairman of Ritamville International Meditation Festival

– Meditator, Lecturer and Author



[Lecture/Workshop/Healing Camp/Holistic Meditation Consulting]


– Ro-um Retreat in Yang Pyung/Ga Pyung/Nam Hye/Jeju

– Ro-um Retreat in Okinawa / America (TBD)

– Certified / Professional Athlete / Baseball Team / Basketball Team Meditation Leading and Consulting

– Anatta Meditation Course -SPS 1:1 Meditation Leader

– “The Pleasure of Self-Awareness” Special Lecture

– Samsung Lions Baseball Team, Samsung, Cheil Worldwide, Shinsegae International, Lotte, LG Display, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CJ, Hanwha Construction, Woori Bank, Shinhan Bank, Daewoo Securities, Asiana Airlines, Samsung Seoul Hospital, Korea Leadership Center, India Culture Center, etc.





– Mental Therapist Lecturer, Leader and Guide

Rishi Lee Hye Kyung (Ritamville Director)



-Director of Ritamville

-Super Soul Relay Coordinator

-Ritamville International Meditation Festival Coordinator




[Lecture/Workshop/Healing Camp/Holistic Meditation Consulting]

– Ro-um Retreat in Yang Pyung/Ga Pyung/Nam Hye/Jeju

– Ro-um Retreat in Okinawa / America (TBD)

– Certified / Professional Athlete / Baseball Team / Basketball Team Meditation Leading and Consulting -Yoga Leader Training / Meditation Leader Training / Holistic Consulting

– SPS 1:1 Meditation Leader

– SBS’s “Good Morning” and Vogue’s “My Body is the History Book of Every Life”

– LG Display, Samsung Lions Baseball Team, Cheil Worldwide, Shinhan Financial Group, Lotte Card, Shinhan Card, Woori Bank, POSCO, Lotte Human Resources, Asiana Airlines, MBC Cultural Center, etc.




》 At the 77th Ro-um Retreat in Okinawa 


You may experience your life’s turning point or it may even become the trip of a lifetime as a new world unfolds. Thank you _()_



진리의 마을 리탐빌입니다 _()_

서울 19. 6. 2 ~ (4주)

+ 제주 2박3일 워크숍


진리의 마을 리탐빌로

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