1. Healing Mentor & Lecturer

1. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday
with Dr.Michael Bernard Beckwith

“There is no limitations. We can change our lives based on our thought.”

Global Healing Mentor, Peace Activist, Lecturer, Meditator, Author, Radio Program Host, Supporter of Earth Environment Preserving Resources etc. featured in the book ‘The Secret’.

2012 UN Speech for World Interfaith Harmony Week.
2008 Model Citizen Award
2008 The Maharishi Award
2004 The Africa Achievement Peace Award
2002 California Legislature Assembly Award for Meritorious Service to Humanity
1998 Participated and Launched Non-violent Gandhi-King Season Campaign 67 Nations, 900 cities.

2. Chang Ok Kim

“If you want to change, be new and start again. You are stronger than a person with nothing has happened.”

-Kim Chang-Ok CEO of Human Company
-Seoul Women’s University
-[Time for changing the world, 15 minutes] Representative Lecturer
-Featured in SBS Magic Eye

3. Haemin Bhikkhu

“Love for the things that are not perfect”

-Master in Science of Religion from Harvard University
-Principle of Mind Healing Institute

4. Chan-Ho Park

Chan ho Park

“There must be an end to start.”

-ML Baseball Player , Meditation Instructor.