Welcome to RMJ 2014 Ritamville Meditation Journey

People are searching for ways to solve the stress that does not disappear even when they are materially wealthy and the emptiness in life that cannot be filled. And Meditation is the way to understand that we already have abundance and richness within ourselves even without searching them from the outside.

Meditation has become the image of healthy company and the symbol of conscious maturity for celebrities and CEOs in the United States and Europe.

For similar reasons, many Hollywood actors are aware of the effectiveness of meditation and eager to practice it..

Similarly, here in South Korea, the number of major companies that introduce meditation for the benefit of their people is growing and the companies” cultures concerning lectures and workshops are also changing.

In the past, health and stress reduction used to be the main theme, but recently many companies are asking for a program that allows the act of emptying through meditation and the conscious awaking.

Furthermore, other groups such as enterprises and local governments are making proposals to build meditation villages.

Considering the global trend, one can expect that many more people will meditate within their daily lives or look for meditation from now on.

Walking a path through a forest and feel the star lights in the night sky, whether alone or with families and friends: that is meditation.

The wind, water, sky and leaves heal us. It”s changes and colors, become meditation adn heal is. Consequently, more companies will make healing-related products there will be more cultures in which such companies become healthy, and people who use their products as well as the surrounding people who see that process equally become healthy.

The unvamished freedom and truthful richness will now become your beautiful life style through meditation.

I wish for the day you love and respect yourself through Ritamville Meditation Journey to come.

2014 | Mental Therapist Mutae Seo @ Ritamville Meditation Journey

Mutae Seo, the Founder of Ritamville .

Representative of Ritamville Yoga Meditation Book “The pleasure of knowing myself (Revised edition)

Author of “The World now is meditating” (Expected to be published in September)

Lyric writer of “The Sharing Earth”

The president of the association longing for a beautiful World “The Bright Culture Embracing the World”
Held lectures at distinguished government and leading domestic companies, the Korean Leadership Development Institute (for CEOs), the Korea Sports Leaders Association (for golf leaders).

Gave guidance to athletes, actors and actresses, and CEO have been sharing friendship with the former MLB pitcher Chan-Ho Park, through meditation for 15 years.

Mutae Seo created an easy and contemporary meditation methods called Cradle Meditation, which involves slow upper body movements creating a cradle-like effect. He is widely acclaimed by world’s renowned meditation leaders like Deepak Chopra, Michael Bernard and Caroline Myss.