Ritamville people

  • Ritamville Yoga Meditation Center Representative
  • Korean Council of Sport for All Instructor
  • National Meditation Festival Coordinator
  • Super Soul Relay Coordinator
  • Yoga/Meditation Teacher Training Trainer
  • ‘Moving Meditation’ Leader
  • SK-II Age Designer

@Ritamville Meditation Academy Special Lecture

  • Guide Course
  • Yoga Leader Training Course / Meditation Leader / Counselor / Training Course
  • International Meditation Retreat Ro-um Reserve Retreat
  • Meditation Retreat Ro-um Trip in Jeju/Namhae/Gapyeong/Yangpyeong
  • Mind Body Detox Program
  • Ritamville Introductory Meditation Training
  • Ritamville Yoga HP/HR/PP Level-Up Training
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Chakra Meditation

Ritamville SPS Personal/Group Healing Program Leader

  • Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor
  • Corporate CEO Instructor
  • Yoga and Meditation on TV (KBS, SBS, On Style, etc.)
  • Professional Athletes Home and Away Mental and Health Training
  • (Baseball/Basketball/Golf, etc.)

HHEI Program for a Healthy Corporate Culture

  • Visit Corporate Headquarters/Training Center Yoga/Meditation/Detox/Mind Controller Special Lecture
  • Healing Meditation with Nature Workshop
  • 2016.06
    Ro-um Retreat Workshop
    – Location: Ritamville Chungdam Location
  • 2016.02

    Meditation Leader Workshop
    Subject: Ritamville Ro-um Retreat Healing and Consciousness Growth
    Location: Ritamville Reserve Hannam Location

  • 2015.11

    LG Display
    Subject: Joyful Member ‘Body Detox and Introduction to Mental Meditation’ Lecture
    Location: LG Display (Paju)

  • 2015.10

    LG Display
    Subject: Joyful Member ‘Body Detox and Introduction to Mental Meditation’ Lecture (10.29)
    Location: LG Display (Paju)

    LG Display
    Subject: Joyful Member ‘Body Detox and Introduction to Mental Meditation’ Lecture (10.16)
    – Location: LG Display (Headquarters)

    Special Lecture
    Subject: ‘Physical Body Detox I’
    Location: Ritamville Reserve Hannam

    Meditation Leader Workshop
    Ritamville Hannam

  • 2015.08

    The Export-Import Bank of Korea
    Subject: Ritamville Yoga and Meditation for Healthy Communication and Empathy
    Location: The Export-Import Bank of Korea Training Center

  • 2015.07

    LG Display
    Subject: Joyful Member ‘Physical & Mental Detox Lecture (7.27)
    Location: Heungkuk Life Academy

    Meditation Leader Training Course
    Subject: Ritamville Jeju Healing Meditation Leader Training Retreat
    Location: Jeju Island

  • 2015.06

    ‘Ritamville Jeju Healing Meditation Leader Training Retreat Theory and Practice Training
    Judicial Research and Training Institute
    Subject: Lecturer and Instructor for ‘Balance of Physical and Mental Health Ritamville Detox and Intro to Meditation’
    Location: Ritamville Samsung Location

  • 2015.05

    LG Display
    Subject: Joyful Member ‘Physical & Mental Detox Lecture (5.15)
    Location: Heungkuk Life Academy

  • 2015.04

    LG Display
    Subject: ‘Physical & Mental Detox I’ (4.06)
    Location: LG Headquarters

  • 2014.10

    2014 Ritamville National Meditation Festival
    Subject: Coordinated ‘National Meditation Festival and Meditation Retreat with Worldwide Healing Mentors’
    Organized by: Ritamville, Hosted by: Namhae County, Sponsor: Korea Toursim Organization

  • 2013.10

    Ritamville Healing Meditation Retreat
    Subject: Coordinated ‘Ritamville Healing Meditation Retreat’
    Location: Namhae County, South Cape Owners Club

  • 2013.08

    Ritamville Healing Meditation Retreat
    Subject: ‘South Cape Owners Club Meditation’
    Location: Namhae County, South Cape Owners Club

  • 2013.03~05

    Lecture: ‘Physical Detox & Healing Meditation’
    Guided ‘Healing Meditation’
    Location: Cheil i-spa

  • 2013.04

    – Subject: ‘Healing Company Workshop’ Mind Controller
    Location: The Future of Us (Gapyeong)

  • 2013.04

    Lotte Card
    – Subject: ‘Healing Meditation for Stress Relief and Emotional Control’ Special Lecture
    Locaiton: Azelan Resort (Ulsan)

  • 2013.04

    Shinhan Financial Group
    Subject: ‘Role of Leaders in Uncertain Times’ Physical Body Detox & Healing Program Special Lecture
    Location: Shinhan Bank Training Center

  • 2013.03

    Seoul City Theater Company
    – Subject: ‘Mental Detox & Healing Meditation’ Special Lecture
    – Location: Sejong Center for the Performing Arts

  • 2013.02

    Shinhan Card
    ‘Eliminate Fatigue and Improve Vitality’ Special Lecture
    Location: Shinhan Card Training Center

  • 2012.11

    Woori Bank
    ‘Stretches and Mental Exercises’ Special Lecture
    Location: Woori Bank Training Center

  • 2012.10

    Meteorological Office
    ‘Stress Healing and Prevention and Harmony and Innovation’ Healing Workshop
    Yoga/Physical Health/Lecture/Mind Controller
    Yoga/Physical Health/Lecture/Mind Controller

  • 2012.08

    Commverge Solutions
    ‘The Pleasure of Self-Awareness’ Healing Mind Controller Workshop
    Locaiton: Yangpyeong Meditation Park

    Hanwha Engineering and Construction
    – 1st: ‘Refresh Yoga-Meditation-Mind Control’ Special Lecture
    2nd: Yoga, Meditation, Mind Controller Lecture (Hanwha Resort)
    3rd: Yoga, Breath Lecture

  • 2012.01

    Korea Smart Card
    Cleansing the Mind and a New Consciousness’ Healing Workshop
    Location: Yangpyeong Meditation Park

  • 2011.12

    MK Trend
    2011 Employee’s Night Yoga Meditation Lecture
    Location: New Hilltop Hotel

  • 2011.11

    Orix Buffaloes Chan Ho Park Youth Baseball Camp ‘CAMP 61’
    Yoga, Meditation Leader
    Location: Baseball Stadium

  • 2011.11

    Orix Buffaloes Chan Ho Park SPS Personal Training

  • 2011.06

    Ritamville Yoga Healing Position and Meditation
    Location: POSCO Seoul Headquarters

  • 2011.05

    ‘Awaken and Unite with Ritamville Yoga and Meditation’
    Location: POSCO Seoul Headquarters

  • 2011.05

    ‘Ritamville Yoga and Golf Stretching and Healing Breathing Meditation’
    Location: POSCO Seoul Headquarters

  • 2011.03

    Yuhan Kimberly and Mom&Enfant
    Double Heart Breastfeeding Class ‘Maternity SA Yoga, Meditation’ Health Lecture
    Location: Ritamville Chungdam Location

  • 2010.10

    Lotte Academy
    ‘Meditation and Mind Controller’ Raise Your Vision Through Reflection’ Group Special Lecture
    Location: Lotte Academy (Osan)

  • 2010.12

    Pyungchangsoo Commercial
    Guided yoga and meditation
    Location: Paju

  • 2009.07

    CJ Group
    M.Net yoga and meditation
    Location: Good Morning HRD Center

  • 2006.06

    Asiana Airlines
    Guided yoga practice
    Location: Asiana Headquarters

  • 2006.06

    Samsung S-1
    Guided yoga practice
    Location: Headquarters

  • 2005.10

    AC Nielsen Korea
    Yoga and Meditation Special Lecture
    Location: Osan

  • 2005.06

    MBC Culture Center
    Summer-Fall Term Yoga and Meditation Lecture
    Location: MBC Culture Center (Bundang)

  • 2004.02

    MLB Chan Ho Park Athlete SPS Personal Training
    Healing Meditation Retreat: Journey Therapy Program
    Home Stay Personal Training:  Yoga, Meditation, Healing Program
    Location: Surprise Stadium, Arizona, USA

  • 2003.03

    2nd Humanity Conference Earth Human Peace Forum Participant

    US Meditation Retreat Participant, Jeju Island Meditation Retreat (Organized by Ritamville)

    NFLC (New Frontier Leadership Course)

  • 2015. 1
    Styler Magazine

    – Better Life ‘Strengthen Your Core’

    ‘A Heart Beating Life’ Rishi Lee Hee Kyung Director Interview

  • 2014. 12

    Woori Investment and Securities
    ‘Body and Mind Health and Peace…’

  • 2013. 12

    Woori Investment and Securities
    ‘Body and Mind Health and Peace…’

  • 2013. 8

    ‘Slim Style’

  • 2013. 6

    ‘Love Your Body’

  • 2013. 5

    VOGUE Health
    ‘brain TO BELLY, Detox Breath’

  • 2012. 9

    VOGUE Health
    ‘Ko So Young Bowing Exercise, Pelvis – the Center of the Body’

  • 2012. 3

    Samsung Life Retirement Journal
    ‘Meditation to Rest Your Mind and Body’

  • 2011.11

    VOGUE How To Walk
    ‘My body is the history of my life’

  • 2011. 4

    ‘Double Heart Breastfeeding, Pregnancy Yoga Meditation’

  • 2011. 1

    Vitamin-C BC
    ‘Let Go of the Mind and Heal the Body’

  • 2010. 8

    Marie Claire
    ‘Health & Fitness’

  • 2010. 8

    Vitamin-C BC
    ‘Diet to Save My Body_Answers from the Experts’

  • 2010. 7

    PRODUCT INFO ‘SA Culture Yoga Meditation to Awaken the Soul’

  • 2010. 6

    Yoga Techniques ‘Ko So Young, Chan Ho Park Benefit from SA Yoga’

  • 2010. 6

    Brand Focus ‘SA Yoga with Le Coq Sportif and Sure’

  • 2010. 5

    ELLE Contributors ‘SA Culture Yoga Meditation Director, Lee Hye Kyung’

  • 2010. 5

    Healing Yoga Therapy ‘SA Yoga’

  • 2010. 5

    Woori Bank
    I. Woori Family: Let’s Prevent Spring Fever’
    II. Woori Healthy Exercise: Improving Digestion for Modern Day People

  • 2010. 4

    Full Course Beauty Treatment From a Meditation Center~

  • 2010. 3

    Health ‘The World of Unconsciousness, Another Me’

  • 2009. 9

    Dream In Us
    ‘Have Peace of Mind with a Detox Program’

  • 2009. 6

    Body&Soul ‘Your Heart, Body and Mind Detox’

  • 2009. 3

    Forbes Korea
    COVER STORY ‘CEO and Illness, Meditation Frenzy! Emptying Your Mind, Fills Your Heat

  • 2008.11

    ‘Body Check’

  • 2008. 9

    Korea University News
    ‘How About Meditating in the Fall?’

  • 2008. 7

    ELLE Beauty
    ‘Mental Therapist Lee Hee-Kyung’s Bright Smile Through Mind Control’

  • 2008 3

    Gangnam EA
    Special Feature ‘Special Offer For Your Health’

  • 2007. 9

    Happy Design House
    ‘How to Design Younger Skin Through Mind Control’

  • 2007. 9

    Style H
    Beauty Solution ‘Age Design Solution by Leading Experts’

  • 2007. 8

    Age Design Guide Book
    ‘Age Designer Lee Hee Kyung, Mental Therapist, Suggests How to Design Younger Skin Through Mind Control

  • 2007. 7

    Golf Magazine Korea
    I. Stretching to Strengthen the Skeleton
    II. How to Stay Cool in the Heat

  • 2007. 1

    DongA Ilbo
    Look for hidden consumption by Urban Munch

  • 2006. 9

    Beauty Focus ‘Beauty Comes With Controlling Your Mind’

  • 2006. 8

    The CEO
    CEO Doctor-Special Article and Interview

  • 2006. 4

    Golf for Women
    Special Lesson ‘Prepare for a Powerful Swing’ Article and Position

  • 2006. 7~9

    The First Class
    I. Golf Health: How to Upgrade Your Golf Skills
    II. Life Health: Economy Class Syndrome
    III. Clinic Diet: This is a Healing Diet

  • 2006. 1

    ‘A Space to Cleanse Your Mind and Body Through Breath’

  • 2006. 5

    ‘The Training Room for a Healthy Mind and Body’

  • 2005. 9

    Global Meditation in Sedona, Sedona Meditation Center

  • 2003.12

    Soft Gangnam
    ‘Manage Your Body and Mind with Clear Brain’

  • 2010.04
    KBS 2TV 무한지대큐 Dancing Meditation Appearance
  • 2007.09

    onStyle Seung Yeon Lee style magazine ‘Beauty Style’ Age Design Appearance

  • 2006.07

    KBS 2TV 감성매거진 행복한 오후 Appearance

  • 2005.07

    KBS 2TV 행복충전 백세인 Interview

  • 2004.05

    KBS 1TV 수요기획 Chan Ho Park, 100 Wins, Appearance

  • 2004.02

    SBS ‘Seung Hyun Kim-Eun Ah Jung’s Good Morning’ Saturday Special ‘Together with Hee Kyung Lee’ Appearance